Thursday, September 25, 2014

Survivor San Juan del Sur Season Premiere!

Yesterday, the new season of Survivor kicked off its premiere 90 minute episode!

All 9 pairs of loved ones separated into two different teams: Hunahpu and Coyopa.

Early Survivor MOVES! 

Right after the teams were formed, a Reward Challenge was unleashed where it puts to the Test the true meaning of Blood vs Water.

1. Blood vs. Water in effect:

One castaway, Jeremy, and his wife, Val, were immediately pitted against each other. The reward was fire in the form of flint. Through an emotional battle, Jeremy was the victor and won flint for his tribe; however, he sent his wife, Val, to exile island.

However, she will not be going alone because Jeremy also has the power to choose someone from HIS tribe to join his wife on exile island. Jeremy chose to send Keith, Wes's father, to Exile Island. (Wes is on the same tribe as Val.)

2. Exile Island

Keith and Val headed for Exile Island. When they arrived, they were told to choose between two vases. Keith chose one and his was blank; Val chose one and her's was a clue to a hidden immunity idol near the Coyopa tribe. Keith and Val bonded by Val revealing Jeremy was a firefighter and Keith said he was a firefighter as well.

3. Early Alliances

A potential power alliance on the Hunapah tribe is about to be unleashed or will it get blown up?
Jeremy, Kelley, Natalie, and Missy formed a quick bond. Is this the beginning of a power alliance? We will see later in the summer!

On the Coyopa tribe, it is split down the middle between the boys and the girls with Josh and possibly Baylor playing both sides. Which side will dominate? Only time will tell!

4. Early Targets

A loss in the Immunity Challenge means its Tribal Council night where one castaway will be voted off! The Coyopa tribe lost and had the face tribal council! Nadiya got together a female alliance with Val, Jaclyn, and Baylor and their plan is to sent Daddy Dale out since they see Dale as the outcast and might not be able to provide for the tribe. Will this female alliance pull through or will it be a failure?

However, Dale proved his worth by sacrificing his vision to make FIRE! Dale also planted the seed in the boys' ears to vote off Nadiya since her game is known due to the Amazing Race. Alec, Wes, John, and Dale (the guys) agrees to vote off Nadiya since they seen how she plays before on the Amazing Race.

Also, Wes also seems to notice John Rocker might be a little familiar in the sports area. John thinks Wes might be catching on to his secret and thinks he should keep an eye out for him in the future.

Josh is playing both sides and is currently in a power position with both sides wanting to work with him. He know the boys are targeting Nadiya while Nadiya approaches Josh to form an alliance and send Dale home. However, Josh and Baylor get close and Baylor seems to be on the edge to kick Nadiya out of the tribe.

5. Tribal Council: A Split Vote!

At the Tribal Council, the votes were split and a threat was eliminated! Because of competitive nature on the Amazing Race, Nadiya was the first voted off of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur! However, a mystery vote was casted against Baylor. Who was it and was it a good decision?



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