Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summary of Big Brother 16

As a Big Brother fan, I will summarize Big Brother 16 (a CBS realty TV show) just for the fun of it in my words. :)

In the beginning, sixteen strangers enter the Big Brother house with one goal in mind: to be the last one standing and win the half million dollar prize. The big twist of BB16 is the Double Head of Household (HOH) twist where each HOH nominates two house guests for eviction and then both sets of nominees will battle against each other in a brand new competition called "The Battle of the Block". The winning duo not only wins safety, but they will dethrone the HOH who nominated them sending him or her back into the pool of regular house guests where they are eligible to become backdoored out of the game.

In the beginning, the all too familiar male alliance happens again. The male alliance in this season is known as the Bomb Squad. It was formed by the first two Heads of Household, Caleb and Frankie. One by one, Caleb and Frankie send out the invitations. Devin, Derrick, Zach, and Cody accepted the invitation to join the alliance, making them an alliance of six. However, Devin exposed the alliance to Amber and Christine to invite them into the alliance as well. With the late addition of Christine and Amber, the Bomb Squad is now a super alliance of eight! Now that they control the votes, they started cleaning house!

Hearing the girls downstairs are forming an all girls alliance and the ring leader to be Joey, the Bomb Squad made her their first casualty. Then Devin ascended as the new HOH, but his emotions took over; causing him to nominate an alliance member, Zach. However, some of his alliance members turned on him and formed a sub-division alliance called to Detonators (Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Christine, and Zach) and Paola was send home instead.

With the Detonators in power for the next three weeks and with Derrick pulling the strings, the Detonators controlled eviction after eviction. (Devin, Brittany, and Amber are evicted from the big brother house.) When the Detonators finally lost power (Nicole and Donny won HOH), the Detonators as well as their loyal ally Caleb took a hit. With Nicole in charge, she wanted to target Frankie and a new alliance was formed between Nicole, Hayden, Derrick, and Cody called the Rationale. However, in a last minute turn of events, the backdoor plan to evict Frankie failed and Derrick and Cody reunited the Detonators to blindside the power couple (Nicole and Hayden) by evicting Jocasta, Hayden, and Nicole in back to back weeks!

Down to the final eight, the Detonators began turning on their own. Zach calls out Frankie and Christine to be liars; thus, creating tension in the Zankie showmance. With Frankie in power, he targeted his showmance/best friend, Zach.

In the biggest twist of the summer, one juror is given a second chance to return to the game. In a smashing juror competition, Nicole won and return to the game with a vengeance. However, she suffered the Ultimate Big Brother Sweep; going from head of household to being on the block to being evicted to returning to the game then nominated each and every single week since she returned, not to mention she lost her only ally Donny and was a Have Not the whole time, to being evicted again! After Donny and Nicole were taken out by the Detonators, the Detonators once again turned on each other. This time, they targeted Christine and during the double eviction, Derrick took it as HIS opportunity to evict Christine. With Christine blindsided, she became the sixth jury member right after Nicole.

Down to the final 5, a new twist called Big Brother Rewind is unleashed into the house!      

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