Thursday, September 25, 2014


9/24/2014 was the BIGGEST NIGHT for Reality TV

It was a three hour block filled with intense excitement. First, at 8 pm Pacific time, it was the Season Premiere of Survivor: Blood vs Water San Juan del Sur! Then, followed by the Grand Season Finale of Big Brother 16 ending at 11 pm Pacific time!

On Survivor, the first two tribes were formed and immediately, emotions ran high! It is the most difficult decision: To let your loved one win or to appease your tribe? The season premiere also showed the first tribal council of the season where one castaway was eliminated!!! What a premiere that was!

Meanwhile, after the Survivor Premiere, Big Brother crowned a winner! After Caleb's shocking blindside at the final four, he joined the jury to discuss about the final three's game play: Derrick, Cody, and Victoria.

In the intense three-part head of household competition, Cody became the ultimate victor and he guaranteed himself Fifty Thousand dollars! But what is his decision? Will he take out the weakest player in the game guaranteeing himself an easy win or will he be loyal to his Hitmen alliance and take Derrick to the final 2?

The clock is ticking down; the finale is underway. With a half million dollars on the line, Cody chose loyalty, a true testament of his character. Cody stayed true to who he was and showed through his actions that he played a good and loyal game. But will his loyalty win the jury over?

The jury makes their appearance on the stage and interrogated the final two. Afterwards, they cast their votes for who they wanted to win Big Brother! 

After the votes are locked, the first five evictees return to dish out the secrets of this season!

The Team America twist was revealed to the nine jury members and everyone was shocked; as well as Derrick FINALLY coming clean about his job. 

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH where either Cody or Derrick will become the winner of Big Brother 16! By a vote of 7-2, Derrick was crowned the winner of Big Brother 16!

Derrick is the only winner that won the biggest prize in the history of the game: $575000!!!

Also, another history in the making in which Donny won the America's Favorite Player prize with an overwhelming five million votes!!!

Congratulations to Derrick and Donny for their big wins!!!

Big Brother has also renewed for the next two seasons! Get ready for more game play and more entertainment during the upcoming summers!!!!!!   


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