Thursday, September 11, 2014

Big Brother 16: The Final 5, Part 1


The Outcome of the Power of Veto Ceremony

With Frankie holding all the power, he can do whatever he wants this week. This veto win gives Frankie his ninth overall win (counting ALL HOH, BoB, and veto comps) of the season. Frankie nominated Cody and Victoria and during the Power of Veto Ceremony, Frankie chose not to use the veto to save either of them. What will Frankie, Derrick, and Caleb choose to do even though the nominees will eventually be safe on Wednesday's live show? Will Frankie convince Caleb to take out Cody? With two allies whom he made a final two deal with, who will Derrick choose to keep (most likely Cody)? Will Derrick continue to pull the strings like he has been doing the entire summer? What will happen between now and Wednesday? Will there be a BIG flip in the house? Will Derrick, the puppet master, be finally exposed in an explosive house meeting (I doubt this will  happen)? We know one thing for sure, that no one will be evicted on Wednesday and a new Head of Household will be crowned!

Tuesday episode 9/9/2014
During Tuesday's episode, we see the aftermath of Frankie's nominations, the BB Rewind conspiracy theories, the veto competition, a cleaning montage, Team America's new mission, Victoria claiming herself is a good competitor when she has been played the whole summer, and the veto ceremony. The final five worked together to clean up the house after BB Legend Jeff says that the house stinks

(BB Legends Jeff and Jordan visited the final 5. Jordan thinks her and Jeff are there to host a luxury competition; however, Jeff has other plans. Jeff popped the question everyone wants to hear! He proposes to Jordan and she accepted in a heartbeat!!! They are engaged!)

PLUS the Team America mission this week is to convince the house guests that there is rodent in the house and make every house guest stay awake for 24 hours to keep watch. This episode also proves the fact that Frankie is a competition beast with nine wins under his belt. Even Frankie says the other guys should have taken him out earlier, but luckily for Frankie, the other guys did not make this move and he is still here winning the few remaining competitions. If Frankie is not taken out this following week, Frankie will wrap up more wins and take himself to the finale. After this week, there are still four more competitions plus the all important final three-part head of household competition!

What will be the house's reaction to this game changing twist? With the Bombonators having their eyes locked on each other, this upcoming head of household competition might be another opportunity for one of them to turn on their own.
...And, what will happen at the jury house?! Will the jury house explode?!? What will be the juror's reactions to seeing Christine walking in right behind Nicole?!? Will Christine tell the jurors about the BB Rewind twist (Christine was sitting right next to Julie when Julie unleashed this twist)?
...And Julie sits down with Season 10 winner Dan Ghessling to get his take on this most "twisted" summer ever!
...And most importantly, who will become the new Head of Household!!!
Will the new head of household take a shot at Derrick, the puppet master, or Frankie, the competition beast?

Wednesday episode 9/10/2014
During Wednesday's episode, we see the BB Rewind Twist in full effect. After the countdown ended, an alarm went off and shocked the house guests! With Derrick getting ready to head to the diary room to cast his vote, the alarm went off and stopped the vote, erasing the entire week, and the nominees are safe. The whole week is rewound back to the Seed-Saw Head of Household Competition! Again, Derrick is not eligible to play since he was outgoing head of household at the time giving Frankie, Caleb, Victoria, and Cody a second chance at the HOH competition.

Julie also sits down with Big Brother 10 winner and legend Dan Gheesling to get his take on the season. Dan roots for Derrick to win and says the rest of the game will come down to Derrick, the puppet master, and Frankie, the competition beast.

Jury House

Big Brother also showed the jury house and not everyone was welcomed. When Nicole came back to the jury house, everyone was disappointed and all want Christine come following behind. AND moments later, Christine did walk in and AWKWARD!!!

With the Final 5 replayed again, who will step into power and will he or she make a huge game move by taking out one of the huge threats? Or is the plan still all bros to the end?

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