Friday, September 26, 2014

Amazing Race Season Premiere!

Tonight was the the Twenty-fifth season of the Amazing Race, its silver anniversary!

The new eleven teams start out at the same city where Amazing Race 1 began!
The Eleven teams are:
Married Dentists Misti and Jim,
College Sweethearts Tim and Te Jay,
Cyclists Kym and Alli,
Dating Pro Wrestlers Brooke and Robbie,
Married Surfers Adam and Bethany,
Scientists Amy and Maya,
Newly Dating Dennis and Isabelle,
Mother/Daughter Shelley and Nici,
Survivor Engaged Couple Keith and Whitney,
Firefighters Michael and Scott,
and Realtor sisters Lisa and Michelle

The first leg was from New York City, USA to the US Virgin Islands, USA!

Famous locations:

Starting line at Times Square, NY, USA
Queens, NY, US - Flushing Meadows-Corona Park,
US Virgin Islands, USA - Lovango Cay,
Pit Stop location at Fort Christian

Events on the first leg:

First flight to US Virgin Islands -
1) College Sweethearts, 2) Married Dentists, 3) Cyclists, 4) Married Surfers, 5) Newly Dating Couple
Second flight to US Virgin Islands - 
1) Dating Pro Wrestlers, 2) Scientists, 3) Mother/Daughter, 4) Survivor Couple, 5) Firefighters, 6) Realtor sisters

FIGHT! A fight between Firefighters and Realtor sisters when signing up for the plane flights to Lovango Cay!!! The Realtor sisters got the upper hand!

First Plane Flight to Lovango Cay -
College Sweethearts and Married Surfers
Second flight to Lovango Cay -
Married Dentists and Cyclist
Third flight to Lovango Cay -
Newly Dating Couple
Fourth flight to Lovango Cay -
Scientists and Mother-Daughter
Fifth flight to Lovango Cay -
Realtor sisters and Survivor Couple
Sixth flight to Lovango Cay -
Firefighters and Dating Pro Wrestlers

Roadblock!!! Use a compass, shovel, and a set of directions to find a buried treasure chest containing the next clue!

The winners of the first leg of Amazing Race 25 and the owner of the Powerful SAVE are the Married Dentists Misti and Jim!!!
The order of teams finished is written on the top of this article!!!

Amazing finishes!

Dating Pro Wrestlers Brooke and Robbie literally went from last place to finishing in 4th place!!!
The last three teams agreed and elected to quit the roadblock: Survivor Couple, Realtor sisters, and Firefighters. In doing so, the three teams were forced to sprint to the finish line!!! Only two teams were spared from elimination; however, both teams were issued a 4 hour penalty that will be applied during the start of leg 2! The Survivor Couple along with the firefighters were saved, but the Realtor sisters were eliminated!

FIGHT - In a chaotic dash for the pit stop, the firefighters and Realtor sisters clashed AGAIN!!! This time, the firefighters got the upper hand!!!  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Survivor San Juan del Sur Season Premiere!

Yesterday, the new season of Survivor kicked off its premiere 90 minute episode!

All 9 pairs of loved ones separated into two different teams: Hunahpu and Coyopa.

Early Survivor MOVES! 

Right after the teams were formed, a Reward Challenge was unleashed where it puts to the Test the true meaning of Blood vs Water.

1. Blood vs. Water in effect:

One castaway, Jeremy, and his wife, Val, were immediately pitted against each other. The reward was fire in the form of flint. Through an emotional battle, Jeremy was the victor and won flint for his tribe; however, he sent his wife, Val, to exile island.

However, she will not be going alone because Jeremy also has the power to choose someone from HIS tribe to join his wife on exile island. Jeremy chose to send Keith, Wes's father, to Exile Island. (Wes is on the same tribe as Val.)

2. Exile Island

Keith and Val headed for Exile Island. When they arrived, they were told to choose between two vases. Keith chose one and his was blank; Val chose one and her's was a clue to a hidden immunity idol near the Coyopa tribe. Keith and Val bonded by Val revealing Jeremy was a firefighter and Keith said he was a firefighter as well.

3. Early Alliances

A potential power alliance on the Hunapah tribe is about to be unleashed or will it get blown up?
Jeremy, Kelley, Natalie, and Missy formed a quick bond. Is this the beginning of a power alliance? We will see later in the summer!

On the Coyopa tribe, it is split down the middle between the boys and the girls with Josh and possibly Baylor playing both sides. Which side will dominate? Only time will tell!

4. Early Targets

A loss in the Immunity Challenge means its Tribal Council night where one castaway will be voted off! The Coyopa tribe lost and had the face tribal council! Nadiya got together a female alliance with Val, Jaclyn, and Baylor and their plan is to sent Daddy Dale out since they see Dale as the outcast and might not be able to provide for the tribe. Will this female alliance pull through or will it be a failure?

However, Dale proved his worth by sacrificing his vision to make FIRE! Dale also planted the seed in the boys' ears to vote off Nadiya since her game is known due to the Amazing Race. Alec, Wes, John, and Dale (the guys) agrees to vote off Nadiya since they seen how she plays before on the Amazing Race.

Also, Wes also seems to notice John Rocker might be a little familiar in the sports area. John thinks Wes might be catching on to his secret and thinks he should keep an eye out for him in the future.

Josh is playing both sides and is currently in a power position with both sides wanting to work with him. He know the boys are targeting Nadiya while Nadiya approaches Josh to form an alliance and send Dale home. However, Josh and Baylor get close and Baylor seems to be on the edge to kick Nadiya out of the tribe.

5. Tribal Council: A Split Vote!

At the Tribal Council, the votes were split and a threat was eliminated! Because of competitive nature on the Amazing Race, Nadiya was the first voted off of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur! However, a mystery vote was casted against Baylor. Who was it and was it a good decision?




9/24/2014 was the BIGGEST NIGHT for Reality TV

It was a three hour block filled with intense excitement. First, at 8 pm Pacific time, it was the Season Premiere of Survivor: Blood vs Water San Juan del Sur! Then, followed by the Grand Season Finale of Big Brother 16 ending at 11 pm Pacific time!

On Survivor, the first two tribes were formed and immediately, emotions ran high! It is the most difficult decision: To let your loved one win or to appease your tribe? The season premiere also showed the first tribal council of the season where one castaway was eliminated!!! What a premiere that was!

Meanwhile, after the Survivor Premiere, Big Brother crowned a winner! After Caleb's shocking blindside at the final four, he joined the jury to discuss about the final three's game play: Derrick, Cody, and Victoria.

In the intense three-part head of household competition, Cody became the ultimate victor and he guaranteed himself Fifty Thousand dollars! But what is his decision? Will he take out the weakest player in the game guaranteeing himself an easy win or will he be loyal to his Hitmen alliance and take Derrick to the final 2?

The clock is ticking down; the finale is underway. With a half million dollars on the line, Cody chose loyalty, a true testament of his character. Cody stayed true to who he was and showed through his actions that he played a good and loyal game. But will his loyalty win the jury over?

The jury makes their appearance on the stage and interrogated the final two. Afterwards, they cast their votes for who they wanted to win Big Brother! 

After the votes are locked, the first five evictees return to dish out the secrets of this season!

The Team America twist was revealed to the nine jury members and everyone was shocked; as well as Derrick FINALLY coming clean about his job. 

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH where either Cody or Derrick will become the winner of Big Brother 16! By a vote of 7-2, Derrick was crowned the winner of Big Brother 16!

Derrick is the only winner that won the biggest prize in the history of the game: $575000!!!

Also, another history in the making in which Donny won the America's Favorite Player prize with an overwhelming five million votes!!!

Congratulations to Derrick and Donny for their big wins!!!

Big Brother has also renewed for the next two seasons! Get ready for more game play and more entertainment during the upcoming summers!!!!!!   


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Big Brother 16: The Final 5, Part 1


The Outcome of the Power of Veto Ceremony

With Frankie holding all the power, he can do whatever he wants this week. This veto win gives Frankie his ninth overall win (counting ALL HOH, BoB, and veto comps) of the season. Frankie nominated Cody and Victoria and during the Power of Veto Ceremony, Frankie chose not to use the veto to save either of them. What will Frankie, Derrick, and Caleb choose to do even though the nominees will eventually be safe on Wednesday's live show? Will Frankie convince Caleb to take out Cody? With two allies whom he made a final two deal with, who will Derrick choose to keep (most likely Cody)? Will Derrick continue to pull the strings like he has been doing the entire summer? What will happen between now and Wednesday? Will there be a BIG flip in the house? Will Derrick, the puppet master, be finally exposed in an explosive house meeting (I doubt this will  happen)? We know one thing for sure, that no one will be evicted on Wednesday and a new Head of Household will be crowned!

Tuesday episode 9/9/2014
During Tuesday's episode, we see the aftermath of Frankie's nominations, the BB Rewind conspiracy theories, the veto competition, a cleaning montage, Team America's new mission, Victoria claiming herself is a good competitor when she has been played the whole summer, and the veto ceremony. The final five worked together to clean up the house after BB Legend Jeff says that the house stinks

(BB Legends Jeff and Jordan visited the final 5. Jordan thinks her and Jeff are there to host a luxury competition; however, Jeff has other plans. Jeff popped the question everyone wants to hear! He proposes to Jordan and she accepted in a heartbeat!!! They are engaged!)

PLUS the Team America mission this week is to convince the house guests that there is rodent in the house and make every house guest stay awake for 24 hours to keep watch. This episode also proves the fact that Frankie is a competition beast with nine wins under his belt. Even Frankie says the other guys should have taken him out earlier, but luckily for Frankie, the other guys did not make this move and he is still here winning the few remaining competitions. If Frankie is not taken out this following week, Frankie will wrap up more wins and take himself to the finale. After this week, there are still four more competitions plus the all important final three-part head of household competition!

What will be the house's reaction to this game changing twist? With the Bombonators having their eyes locked on each other, this upcoming head of household competition might be another opportunity for one of them to turn on their own.
...And, what will happen at the jury house?! Will the jury house explode?!? What will be the juror's reactions to seeing Christine walking in right behind Nicole?!? Will Christine tell the jurors about the BB Rewind twist (Christine was sitting right next to Julie when Julie unleashed this twist)?
...And Julie sits down with Season 10 winner Dan Ghessling to get his take on this most "twisted" summer ever!
...And most importantly, who will become the new Head of Household!!!
Will the new head of household take a shot at Derrick, the puppet master, or Frankie, the competition beast?

Wednesday episode 9/10/2014
During Wednesday's episode, we see the BB Rewind Twist in full effect. After the countdown ended, an alarm went off and shocked the house guests! With Derrick getting ready to head to the diary room to cast his vote, the alarm went off and stopped the vote, erasing the entire week, and the nominees are safe. The whole week is rewound back to the Seed-Saw Head of Household Competition! Again, Derrick is not eligible to play since he was outgoing head of household at the time giving Frankie, Caleb, Victoria, and Cody a second chance at the HOH competition.

Julie also sits down with Big Brother 10 winner and legend Dan Gheesling to get his take on the season. Dan roots for Derrick to win and says the rest of the game will come down to Derrick, the puppet master, and Frankie, the competition beast.

Jury House

Big Brother also showed the jury house and not everyone was welcomed. When Nicole came back to the jury house, everyone was disappointed and all want Christine come following behind. AND moments later, Christine did walk in and AWKWARD!!!

With the Final 5 replayed again, who will step into power and will he or she make a huge game move by taking out one of the huge threats? Or is the plan still all bros to the end?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

BB Rewind Twist and the Final Five, part 1!


With the final 5 in place, Big Brother promises that it will be an action packed 20 days steaming towards the finale!

Big Brother Rewind Twist

After an intense double eviction, ally-turned-enemies Nicole and Christine were both evicted. Then, Julie unleashed a new Twist on the house guests. This new twist is called the Big Brother Rewind. During next week's live eviction episode, the eviction will be called off depending if the house guests pushes the BB Rewind button. If the button is pushed, then the whole game will rewind back to final five, the eviction will be cancelled, the nominees are safe, and a new head of household will be crowned. This twist will impact the head of household like never before; blindsiding, dethroning, and possibly evicting the head of household this reign. This BB Rewind twist just reinforces that this summer just because you are head of household does not mean you are safe!

Caleb thinks it is some sort of luxury prize like a Hawaii trip. Derrick thinks this could be a group Pandora Box and that one of them might get evicted now. Frankie thinks the Battle of the Block might return or he could be dethroned. Some say Christine might come back. There is a lot of paranoia going around the house about the twist the button could cause. The house guests are wavering back and forth: to push or not to push? Derrick said it best "As a fan, I [Derrick] would love to smash it and see the fireworks, but as a house guest, this button could potentially be a game changer and hurt my [Derrick's] game".

Did the house guests push the BB Rewind the button?

Yes, they did and with that, the BB Rewind twist is unleashed and this week's nominees will be safe from eviction and this whole week will be rewind back to the start. All this will happen during live Wednesday 9/10/2014 episode.

Spoilers! (revealed in today's episode 9/7/2014)...

Who is the new Head of Household?

With only four people playing in this upcoming HOH competition, there is one in four shot of safety. This head of household competition was a physical competition that requires balance. However, with this upcoming BB Rewind twist in full effect, winning head of household might not mean you are safe.

Frankie is the new head of household!

That means Frankie's nominations will not count, but the moves he makes will effect the game. He needs to be careful with the moves he makes because it might just bite him back.

Who did Frankie nominate?

With the details of this game changing twist unknown to the house guests, how will they play the game? Will Frankie and the Detonators continue to play as if there is no rewind button and make big, power moves OR will the Detonators play it safe and try to take out Victoria instead? Frankie is considering on making a move against Cody since Frankie overheard from Caleb there was a plan to backdoor him out of the game instead of evicting Nicole. Frankie said if the three guys are having plans to backdoor him, then he will most likely use this head of household to strike first.

Frankie nominated Cody and Victoria!

Well, it seems like Frankie is striking first with putting Cody on the block or maybe he is only nominating Cody and Victoria because he is closer to Derrick and Caleb. Derrick and Frankie are bonded by Team America and the Detonators; Caleb and Frankie had each other's back ever since the first week of being co-head of household with each other.

Cody says he hopes Frankie's plan to evict him is successful because if Frankie's plan to evict him fails, Cody will come after Frankie as he is trying to do for two weeks straight. This will make this HOH reign interesting with the BB rewind twist in effect. Will Cody win the upcoming HOH and get revenge?

Spoilers! (revealed during Tuesday's episode 9/9/2014)

Who won the power of veto and will the veto be used to save either nominees?

Frankie won the Power of Veto!

This week just reinforces the fact that Frankie is a competition beast and he needs to be taken out ASAP or else he could be making it to the final 3 by relying only on the final few competitions alone.

Will Frankie use the Power of Veto and try to get out a bigger target than Cody or Will Frankie leave the nominations the same and try to take Cody out first before Cody comes after himself? America knows Frankie's reign as head of household is pointless, but Frankie does not know that. How will the rest of the week play out. Will there be a blindside? Veto Ceremony will be shown on the Tuesday 9/9/2014 episode.

The Outcome of the Veto Ceremony is .... (Find out on Tuesday Night!)

With this upcoming game changing twist unknown to the house guests, it will surely be interesting to see how this twist will impact the game during the live eviction on Wednesday night. How will the house guests react to this twist? Will this twist be a huge blindside, will the Detonators take this as another opportunity to send one of their own out the door, or will Victoria be the final casualty for the "Bomb-onators" (Bomb Squad plus Detonators)?

Summary of Big Brother 16

As a Big Brother fan, I will summarize Big Brother 16 (a CBS realty TV show) just for the fun of it in my words. :)

In the beginning, sixteen strangers enter the Big Brother house with one goal in mind: to be the last one standing and win the half million dollar prize. The big twist of BB16 is the Double Head of Household (HOH) twist where each HOH nominates two house guests for eviction and then both sets of nominees will battle against each other in a brand new competition called "The Battle of the Block". The winning duo not only wins safety, but they will dethrone the HOH who nominated them sending him or her back into the pool of regular house guests where they are eligible to become backdoored out of the game.

In the beginning, the all too familiar male alliance happens again. The male alliance in this season is known as the Bomb Squad. It was formed by the first two Heads of Household, Caleb and Frankie. One by one, Caleb and Frankie send out the invitations. Devin, Derrick, Zach, and Cody accepted the invitation to join the alliance, making them an alliance of six. However, Devin exposed the alliance to Amber and Christine to invite them into the alliance as well. With the late addition of Christine and Amber, the Bomb Squad is now a super alliance of eight! Now that they control the votes, they started cleaning house!

Hearing the girls downstairs are forming an all girls alliance and the ring leader to be Joey, the Bomb Squad made her their first casualty. Then Devin ascended as the new HOH, but his emotions took over; causing him to nominate an alliance member, Zach. However, some of his alliance members turned on him and formed a sub-division alliance called to Detonators (Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Christine, and Zach) and Paola was send home instead.

With the Detonators in power for the next three weeks and with Derrick pulling the strings, the Detonators controlled eviction after eviction. (Devin, Brittany, and Amber are evicted from the big brother house.) When the Detonators finally lost power (Nicole and Donny won HOH), the Detonators as well as their loyal ally Caleb took a hit. With Nicole in charge, she wanted to target Frankie and a new alliance was formed between Nicole, Hayden, Derrick, and Cody called the Rationale. However, in a last minute turn of events, the backdoor plan to evict Frankie failed and Derrick and Cody reunited the Detonators to blindside the power couple (Nicole and Hayden) by evicting Jocasta, Hayden, and Nicole in back to back weeks!

Down to the final eight, the Detonators began turning on their own. Zach calls out Frankie and Christine to be liars; thus, creating tension in the Zankie showmance. With Frankie in power, he targeted his showmance/best friend, Zach.

In the biggest twist of the summer, one juror is given a second chance to return to the game. In a smashing juror competition, Nicole won and return to the game with a vengeance. However, she suffered the Ultimate Big Brother Sweep; going from head of household to being on the block to being evicted to returning to the game then nominated each and every single week since she returned, not to mention she lost her only ally Donny and was a Have Not the whole time, to being evicted again! After Donny and Nicole were taken out by the Detonators, the Detonators once again turned on each other. This time, they targeted Christine and during the double eviction, Derrick took it as HIS opportunity to evict Christine. With Christine blindsided, she became the sixth jury member right after Nicole.

Down to the final 5, a new twist called Big Brother Rewind is unleashed into the house!