Sunday, September 7, 2014

BB Rewind Twist and the Final Five, part 1!


With the final 5 in place, Big Brother promises that it will be an action packed 20 days steaming towards the finale!

Big Brother Rewind Twist

After an intense double eviction, ally-turned-enemies Nicole and Christine were both evicted. Then, Julie unleashed a new Twist on the house guests. This new twist is called the Big Brother Rewind. During next week's live eviction episode, the eviction will be called off depending if the house guests pushes the BB Rewind button. If the button is pushed, then the whole game will rewind back to final five, the eviction will be cancelled, the nominees are safe, and a new head of household will be crowned. This twist will impact the head of household like never before; blindsiding, dethroning, and possibly evicting the head of household this reign. This BB Rewind twist just reinforces that this summer just because you are head of household does not mean you are safe!

Caleb thinks it is some sort of luxury prize like a Hawaii trip. Derrick thinks this could be a group Pandora Box and that one of them might get evicted now. Frankie thinks the Battle of the Block might return or he could be dethroned. Some say Christine might come back. There is a lot of paranoia going around the house about the twist the button could cause. The house guests are wavering back and forth: to push or not to push? Derrick said it best "As a fan, I [Derrick] would love to smash it and see the fireworks, but as a house guest, this button could potentially be a game changer and hurt my [Derrick's] game".

Did the house guests push the BB Rewind the button?

Yes, they did and with that, the BB Rewind twist is unleashed and this week's nominees will be safe from eviction and this whole week will be rewind back to the start. All this will happen during live Wednesday 9/10/2014 episode.

Spoilers! (revealed in today's episode 9/7/2014)...

Who is the new Head of Household?

With only four people playing in this upcoming HOH competition, there is one in four shot of safety. This head of household competition was a physical competition that requires balance. However, with this upcoming BB Rewind twist in full effect, winning head of household might not mean you are safe.

Frankie is the new head of household!

That means Frankie's nominations will not count, but the moves he makes will effect the game. He needs to be careful with the moves he makes because it might just bite him back.

Who did Frankie nominate?

With the details of this game changing twist unknown to the house guests, how will they play the game? Will Frankie and the Detonators continue to play as if there is no rewind button and make big, power moves OR will the Detonators play it safe and try to take out Victoria instead? Frankie is considering on making a move against Cody since Frankie overheard from Caleb there was a plan to backdoor him out of the game instead of evicting Nicole. Frankie said if the three guys are having plans to backdoor him, then he will most likely use this head of household to strike first.

Frankie nominated Cody and Victoria!

Well, it seems like Frankie is striking first with putting Cody on the block or maybe he is only nominating Cody and Victoria because he is closer to Derrick and Caleb. Derrick and Frankie are bonded by Team America and the Detonators; Caleb and Frankie had each other's back ever since the first week of being co-head of household with each other.

Cody says he hopes Frankie's plan to evict him is successful because if Frankie's plan to evict him fails, Cody will come after Frankie as he is trying to do for two weeks straight. This will make this HOH reign interesting with the BB rewind twist in effect. Will Cody win the upcoming HOH and get revenge?

Spoilers! (revealed during Tuesday's episode 9/9/2014)

Who won the power of veto and will the veto be used to save either nominees?

Frankie won the Power of Veto!

This week just reinforces the fact that Frankie is a competition beast and he needs to be taken out ASAP or else he could be making it to the final 3 by relying only on the final few competitions alone.

Will Frankie use the Power of Veto and try to get out a bigger target than Cody or Will Frankie leave the nominations the same and try to take Cody out first before Cody comes after himself? America knows Frankie's reign as head of household is pointless, but Frankie does not know that. How will the rest of the week play out. Will there be a blindside? Veto Ceremony will be shown on the Tuesday 9/9/2014 episode.

The Outcome of the Veto Ceremony is .... (Find out on Tuesday Night!)

With this upcoming game changing twist unknown to the house guests, it will surely be interesting to see how this twist will impact the game during the live eviction on Wednesday night. How will the house guests react to this twist? Will this twist be a huge blindside, will the Detonators take this as another opportunity to send one of their own out the door, or will Victoria be the final casualty for the "Bomb-onators" (Bomb Squad plus Detonators)?

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