Friday, September 26, 2014

Amazing Race Season Premiere!

Tonight was the the Twenty-fifth season of the Amazing Race, its silver anniversary!

The new eleven teams start out at the same city where Amazing Race 1 began!
The Eleven teams are:
Married Dentists Misti and Jim,
College Sweethearts Tim and Te Jay,
Cyclists Kym and Alli,
Dating Pro Wrestlers Brooke and Robbie,
Married Surfers Adam and Bethany,
Scientists Amy and Maya,
Newly Dating Dennis and Isabelle,
Mother/Daughter Shelley and Nici,
Survivor Engaged Couple Keith and Whitney,
Firefighters Michael and Scott,
and Realtor sisters Lisa and Michelle

The first leg was from New York City, USA to the US Virgin Islands, USA!

Famous locations:

Starting line at Times Square, NY, USA
Queens, NY, US - Flushing Meadows-Corona Park,
US Virgin Islands, USA - Lovango Cay,
Pit Stop location at Fort Christian

Events on the first leg:

First flight to US Virgin Islands -
1) College Sweethearts, 2) Married Dentists, 3) Cyclists, 4) Married Surfers, 5) Newly Dating Couple
Second flight to US Virgin Islands - 
1) Dating Pro Wrestlers, 2) Scientists, 3) Mother/Daughter, 4) Survivor Couple, 5) Firefighters, 6) Realtor sisters

FIGHT! A fight between Firefighters and Realtor sisters when signing up for the plane flights to Lovango Cay!!! The Realtor sisters got the upper hand!

First Plane Flight to Lovango Cay -
College Sweethearts and Married Surfers
Second flight to Lovango Cay -
Married Dentists and Cyclist
Third flight to Lovango Cay -
Newly Dating Couple
Fourth flight to Lovango Cay -
Scientists and Mother-Daughter
Fifth flight to Lovango Cay -
Realtor sisters and Survivor Couple
Sixth flight to Lovango Cay -
Firefighters and Dating Pro Wrestlers

Roadblock!!! Use a compass, shovel, and a set of directions to find a buried treasure chest containing the next clue!

The winners of the first leg of Amazing Race 25 and the owner of the Powerful SAVE are the Married Dentists Misti and Jim!!!
The order of teams finished is written on the top of this article!!!

Amazing finishes!

Dating Pro Wrestlers Brooke and Robbie literally went from last place to finishing in 4th place!!!
The last three teams agreed and elected to quit the roadblock: Survivor Couple, Realtor sisters, and Firefighters. In doing so, the three teams were forced to sprint to the finish line!!! Only two teams were spared from elimination; however, both teams were issued a 4 hour penalty that will be applied during the start of leg 2! The Survivor Couple along with the firefighters were saved, but the Realtor sisters were eliminated!

FIGHT - In a chaotic dash for the pit stop, the firefighters and Realtor sisters clashed AGAIN!!! This time, the firefighters got the upper hand!!!  

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